Congrats to Collision 2021’s PITCH winner Couply. I had a quick chat with co-founder Tim Johnson on Racket a week after he won, and here is the edited transcription of that audio chat.

Casey: Hey Tim, what is Couply?

Tim: Couply is the app for couples. There’s lots of apps out there as we know that help people get into a relationship, but none once they are together. So essentially what Couply does is tackle this really interesting problem, and we’re doing that in a few different ways. The first way is that we get people to take personality quizzes…

I am a huge fan of both Marvel Comics and the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

While 2008’s Iron Man is where it all started, the MCU has grown and evolved beyond Tony Stark into this intricate web of visual storytelling and interconnecting movies and TV shows that has defined pop culture forever.

As comics are a sophisticated art form, it was inevitable that Marvel Studios would have their own art department helping to design and visualize, not only the costumes and the props but also to capture key sequences in fully rendered artwork so that a production team of thousands could…

The Hyper Room podcast trilogy on the late 90s early 00s independent action figure companies that defined the art form.

It was a time of action figures, polyresin statues and super detailed sculpting and intricate packaging.

A time when Street Fighter, The Muppets and Star Trek were the biggest collectible brands outside of the corporate produced Star Wars and Batman lines.

Long gone is the time of an action figure having 5-point articulation like in the original Star Wars and 3.75" G.I. Joe lines, and introduced an era when anything on TV or any sci-fi or horror movie had a…

Building community and curating insight through audio.

There was no RISE in 2020, and there won’t be a RISE in 2021.

And though RISE has officially left Hong Kong for now, I think you will be equally excited to know we will have TWO conferences in Asia:

RISE returns in 2022 in our new host city of Kuala Lumpur.

Web Summit Tokyo will launch in Fall 2022.

(We got some media coverage at Techcrunch and while it’s cool to be quoted in CNN they took a very different approach to the news.)

But because there has been a big gap…

I launched a podcast on digital entertainment and here’s why.

I love podcasting.

And I love the medium of all digital entertainment — VR/AR, streaming, gaming, virtual idols, the Metaverse — so I thought I’d put these passions together into a new podcast series and bring you interesting conversations with people who are shaping it through the Web Summit network. I would listen to this podcast if someone else made it, and Recode Media is the other one closest to it.

I’m very happy with my first guests (my very first guest went on to raise a $20 million seed…

This story originally appeared on Techcouver.

As co-host of the RISE conference in Asia and the recent Collision from Home — the online version of Collision, normally held in Toronto — it was an incredible pivot by a team of 250+ and you can read all about the response and the final numbers here.

The results are extremely promising, as to question why don’t we do them all like this in the future, pandemic or not.

While there are arguments to do them live (eating and drinking with other humans) there are just as many against (airfare, hotels, jet lag)…

Let’s preface this with the fact that I am a huge Christopher Nolan fan. He is my favorite director and Inception is my favorite film currently of all time. And let’s face it, however way I can physically see his new film, I would do whatever it takes. If I had to pick to see only one film in 2020 to see from Tenet, Black Widow or Dune, the only 3 movies I care about this year — no question it would be: Tenet.

So yes, there is no inversion needed, you know how this post is going to end.


Comic-Con at Home 2020: I was typing this up as a Twitter thread and decided to just put it here instead. It was supposed to be 10 tweets now its an 11-minute read.

For context, I just co-hosted the biggest online tech conference in June — read about that here — and I’ve been to Comic-Con International in San Diego many times over the past 30 years!

The last time I was there was in 2016 and was planning to be there this year. They, like everyone else, cancelled the event and went online and this week launched their first…

How has one of the great articles on HK’s nascent startup scene held up over the past 7 years?

Facebook reminded me of this story I posted on its platform 7 years ago today about the early days of the Hong Kong startup ecosystem.

What a great story back in 2013! Seems like a lifetime ago, but they chose the right people to be in this photo since everyone has thrived since. It was published in the South China Morning Post’s (pre-Alibaba) MONEY magazine — which is a glossy magazine-sized supplement written by Jenni Marsh with photos by May Tse.

With Collision going online with its first “From Home” format next month, and every other conference following suit — here are a few other conferences that look great that you should definitely check-out.

The shift from offline to online is super difficult especially when you’re not prepared for it. SXSW didn’t have enough time to make that shift and some others couldn’t or most likely probably didn’t want the hassle, so consider attending some of them that do go make the effort to keep the discussions and the networking alive.

You’ve most likely seen an uptick in productivity since being…

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