A List of Online Tech Conferences (alongside ‘Collision from Home’) you should Attend to be part of Tech History

With Collision going online with its first “From Home” format next month, and every other conference following suit — here are a few other conferences that look great that you should definitely check-out.

The shift from offline to online is super difficult especially when you’re not prepared for it. SXSW didn’t have enough time to make that shift and some others couldn’t or most likely probably didn’t want the hassle, so consider attending some of them that do go make the effort to keep the discussions and the networking alive.

You’ve most likely seen an uptick in productivity since being in a WFH scenario — so imagine what happens when you go to a conference with that same structure— usually places where you’ve lost your voice after Day 1, you can’t walk any further by Day 2 and you can’t wait to get to the afterparty on Day 3 and go into self-isolation for a week.

For me personally it’s exciting to see how each organization takes a swing at this and I think it will be a historic touchpoint in tech history that will be written about in tech and gathering history books, as the tech improves attending massive online tech conferences will be the norm, that people will ask you: which of the first online conferences were you at back in 2020?

MAY 20:
Impact Summit

JUNE 10–11
SaaStock Remote

JUNE 22:

JUNE 23–25
Collision from Home

Game Developers Conference Summer

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