A Look at the PUNKS Comic NFT

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  • Pixel Vault, a company that owns 16 CryptoPunks (the floor as of this writing is 53 ETH) decided instead of leaving them in a wallet doing nothing, gave these NFTs personalities and characters and thus the PUNKS comic was born.
  • Went live in May 2021 for .2ETH and with 10,000 copes of the first issue of Punks.
  • If you held, and you were one of the first 5000 holders — you would get Punks #2 for free (available in December 2021).
  • It gets complicated from here — but owners could HOLD, BURN or STAKE their comic for rewards — so it’s become more of a rewards game than actual comic publishing project.
  • 50% of the 16 CryptoPunks represented by $PUNKS token holders.
  • Partnership in the Founder’s DAO, composed of 25% of the 16 CryptoPunks represented by $PUNKS token holders PLUS collective ownership of the other works in the Founder’s DAO.



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Casey Lau

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