Are you not entertained? The Sandwich Society podcast is here

I launched a podcast on digital entertainment and here’s why.

I love podcasting.

And I love the medium of all digital entertainment — VR/AR, streaming, gaming, virtual idols, the Metaverse — so I thought I’d put these passions together into a new podcast series and bring you interesting conversations with people who are shaping it through the Web Summit network. I would listen to this podcast if someone else made it, and Recode Media is the other one closest to it.

I’m very happy with my first guests (my very first guest went on to raise a $20 million seed round shortly after our interview) and trying to keep episodes down to 30 minutes each, so that we talk about highlights of what they are doing and the future of their space; kind of a place where you can meet them and learn something new even if you’re not in your vertical . We all love Netflix and Fortnite so it’s good to see what else is developing that will define entertainment in the future.

Find all the episodes at or just subscribe in your favorite podcast app and follow @sandwichsociety on Twitter to join the conversation.

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Casey Lau

thoughts on everything from startup ecosystems, conferences, anime, video games, comic books, digital entertainment to cats and ninjas.