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  • Andrew O'Donoghue

    Andrew O'Donoghue

    Helped build happy Macs for a decade, now, I'm all talk. Series Editor, The Gadget Buzz, TV3 | Irish Mail on Sunday Columnist | Midlands FM

  • JMBarros


    Cloud, Containers & Kubernetes. The views expressed are strictly mine :P

  • Jennifer Litorja

    Jennifer Litorja

    Working with digital securities.

  • Sal


    Music-elf • Designholic • Cat-Whisperer •

  • Hilary Howe (née Szymujko)

    Hilary Howe (née Szymujko)

    Passionate about helping and investing in early stage founders / Previously MD at @Brinciot, Investment Mngr @Seedcamp, head of @blueprint_hk

  • Ambi Climate

    Ambi Climate

    Ambi Climate uses high-precision sensors, infrared and local weather data to talk with your AC and achieve the most comfortable climate for your home.

  • Daniel Sempere Picó

    Daniel Sempere Picó

    Hong Konger since 1996. Originally from Spain. Host of #askDSP on YouTube. Helping people make Hong Kong their home through my work at @DSP_Homes

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