How Marvel Studios’ Andy Park Draws The Vision and Scarlet Witch Together

Andy on Starting to Draw:

Iron Man #200: the comic that set Andy Park on his path.

Casey Lau: When did you start drawing? Did you start to draw your own Iron Man comics or did that come later?

CL: Who were like some of the artists that you looked up to? You’re like, Oh, I want to be like, like Mark Bright?

Jim Lee’s iconic rendition of The X-Men

CL: Because he’s Korean-American as well, right?

Andy On Kevin Feige:

CL: Who do you think is responsible for getting (the Marvel Studios art department) more name recognition?

Adi Granov’s concept art for the first Iron Man
Kevin Feige with the guy from Less Than Zero

Andy on the Marvel Art Books

CL: Are you proud when the Art Books come out?



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