The Digitalization of the Comics Industry in 2021

Casey Lau
5 min readAug 19, 2021

So much is happening in the digital comics space that I wanted to just keep track of them all because I feel this is the year that will define things for the next few years, this page will be frequently updated and tweeted out via @casey_lau.

I am tracking this mainly because I am returning to comics with some new ideas and planning on the best way to launch them in this new era.


Webcomics Market to Hit USD 11.12 Billion by 2028

The global webcomics market size is expected to gain momentum by reaching USD 11.12 billion by 2028 while exhibiting a CAGR of 6.1% between 2021 to 2028. In its report titled “Webcomics Market, 2021–2028,” Fortune Business Insights mentions that the market stood at USD 6.70 billion in 2020.


Writer Scott Snyder Inks Sweeping Deal With Amazon’s ComiXology

The fan-favorite scribe known for work on ‘Batman’ is unveiling eight creator-owned comics for ComiXology Originals, starting with ‘We Have Demons’ with frequent collaborator Greg Capullo.

Publisher’s Weekly Podcast with Scott Snyder on Best Jacket Press launch at New York Comic-Con 2021:


Marvel Unlimited relaunches with exclusive phone-optimized comics and a fresh new look

Marvel is also announcing an addition to the service: “Infinity Comics,” a new line of exclusive comics that have been specifically designed for the vertical form factor of a modern smartphone, with scrolling panels that fill the entire width of a phone or tablet screen.

Here are some samples from its launch in September 2021:


We’re betting on comics creators

“There are few industries where we feel the Substack model could be more game-changing than in comics, where the gap in power and earning potential between publishers and for-hire creators is enormous, and where the creator of a story can spawn a nine-figure franchise and yet take home little more than a standard paycheck.”

Comic Book Writers and Artists Follow Other Creators to Substack

A group of creators will publish new comic book stories, essays and how-to guides on the platform as a way to connect directly with fans.

Batman Writer James Tynion IV Is Moving From DC to Substack

While the writer’s creator-owned books will continue, he’s leaving DC Comics and pivoting to the creator-based subscription platform.

What James Tynion IV’s Substack costs:

The lower tiers you get less stuff. The value besides supporting a creator you love is the variant printed editions exclusive to members only.

Donny Cates & Ryan Stegman — the Current Creators Behind Marvel’s Venom and Carnage — Talk About Their Substack

KLC Press is their playground for developing creator-owned comics and products… unshackled from the confines of big industry comics.

The KLC Press Substack subscription tiers.


DC Characters Are Coming to Webcomics Through Deal With Webtoon

Under the agreement, DC and Webtoon, owned by South Korean internet company Naver, will collaborate on standalone webcomics that “will appeal to all fans, without the need to know or read any previous stories,” according to the companies.

BATMAN: Wayne Family Adventures

Samples from the first series released September 2021 — find the series here.


Acclaimed Creator Liam Sharp Reveals How Kickstarter Has Changed Comics

Liam Sharp, a comic artist best known for work on Green Lantern and Wonder Woman, took to social media to reflect on creators’ rights in comics.

These are the titles driving Kickstarter comics to their biggest year yet

Comics on Kickstarter have earned almost $17 million already in 2021, on target for a record year

Even Keanu Reeves is doing it: why are comics going to Kickstarter?

Actor Keanu Reeves is dipping his toe into Kickstarter, raising $1.45m (£1m) for his comic BRZRKR, created with Matt Kindt and Ron Garney for Boom!, is indicative of a quiet revolution in the medium, one that is now posing a challenge to traditional publishing models.




Matt Kindt Launches NFT Comic With Return of ‘Mind MGMT’

Kindt appears at this stage to be the first artist to have crafted a comic created and distributed as an NFT.

First-Ever Marvel Digital Comic Collectibles Arrive on VeVe

An all-new way to collect classic Marvel Comics!

Method Man Launches Comic Series in His First-Ever NFT

Tical World NFT includes exclusive artwork, an unreleased song from the rapper



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