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Casey Lau
2 min readJan 12, 2021

Building community and curating insight through audio.

There was no RISE in 2020, and there won’t be a RISE in 2021.

And though RISE has officially left Hong Kong for now, I think you will be equally excited to know we will have TWO conferences in Asia:

RISE returns in 2022 in our new host city of Kuala Lumpur.

Web Summit Tokyo will launch in Fall 2022.

(We got some media coverage at Techcrunch and while it’s cool to be quoted in CNN they took a very different approach to the news.)

But because there has been a big gap between RISE events, I have launched a podcast series to follow-up on what is happening in Asia during the pandemic as well as opening up discussions on what the startup scene is like around Asia ‘till we see each other again IRL in KL and Tokyo.

I have already recorded a handful of episodes late last year, you can listen to them on any podcatcher like Apple Podcasts and Spotify Podcasts.

(I personally like the Pocket Casts app.)

Some of the episodes so far are listed below for you to listen to and I will start releasing new episodes again soon.

I plan to feature startups, investors, community leaders and government as well as corporate innovation as the idea of RISE Offstage is to get a 30-minute “offstage” snapshot of what is going on in different Asia ecosystems to prep you to what you’ll be seeing at the live events in 2022, as I will be focusing more on South East Asia and North Asia throughout the year because even I want to know what is happening and then share this with you.

So subscribe now, and rate it and share it with people you think might like to hear the sounds of RISE each week.

Malaysia Startup Ecosystem with Lalitha Wemel of Techstars and Lennise Ng of Dropee
Hong Kong Startup Ecosystem Roundtable with Roland Yau and Ben Wong
Raising a Unicorn from Australia to Hong Kong with Lucy Liu of Airwallex
Taiwan Startup Ecosystem Roundtable with Elisa Chiu and Ping Wang
The E-Commerce Opportunity in Japan with Mark Wang of Shopify and Kaz of kiko & gg
The 8 Securities/SoFi Hong Kong FinTech Acquisition Roundtable

PS — some people are asking about the dates for all the Web Summit events so here we go:

Web Summit Lisbon and Collision in Toronto will continue on as well so that is FOUR conferences powered by Web Summit starting in March 2022.

More updates on this as it happens but this is what 2021 and 2022 will look like for the conferences:

  • April 21–23, 2021: Collision from Home
  • November 1–4, 2021 Web Summit Lisbon
  • March 2022: RISE in Kuala Lumpur
  • June 2022: Collision in Toronto
  • September 2022: Web Summit Tokyo
  • November 2022: Web Summit Lisbon



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